Drager Narkomed 2B Anesthesia Machine: Refurbished

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The Completely Refurbished Drager Narkomed 2B Anesthesia Machine.  The Darger Narkomed 2B Anesthesia Machine is one of their longest-running and most reliable model lines.  The 2B has O2 and N20 standard with optional medical air and holds 3 Vaporizers.  This refurbished Machine has an AVE Ventilator with F-Style ascending bellows is a standard feature with Airway Pressure and Oxygen Monitoring built-in.

Additional Features Include: Each connection, valve, gauge, and flowmeter is labeled and color-coded for the appropriate gas; Air (AIR) Yellow, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gray, Helium (He) Brown, Nitrogen (N2) Black, Nitrous Oxide (N20) Blue, and Oxygen (O2) Green.  Drawer Pack configurations may vary from image.  Does not include an anesthesia monitor as shown.  See tabs for more information.

Please Note: For Educational Use Only.

  • 3 Gas (Air N2O, O2)
  • 3 Vaporizers (19.1)
  • AVE Electronic Ventilator
  • Oxygen monitor and CO2 absorber and Scavenger Built-In, standard
  • Oxygen Analyzer
  • Breathing Pressure Monitor
  • Centralized Alarm and Data
  • Respiratory Volume
  • Oxygen Ratio Controller
  • Pressure Limit Controller
  • Refurbished

Note:  Does Not Include Anesthesia Monitor As Shown

  • Maximum height: 68″
  • Maximum width: 40″
  • Maximum depth: 25″
  • Table-top height: 34″
  • Table-top area: 271 square inches
  • Shelf area: 200 square inches
  • Drawer dimensions: Large 14″ x 21″ x 7″
  • Drawer dimensions: Small 14″ x 17″ x 3″