VBM SlimLine Single Port Super Large Leg Contour Tourniquet Cuff: 20-74-729

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VBM SlimLine Single Port/Single Bladder Contour Tourniquet Cuff: 20-74-729.  VBM Medical is a family business that began as a small company in the northern Black Forest and now, 30 years later is operating worldwide. VBM develops and produces innovative products in the area of airway management, accessories for anesthesia and intensive-care medicine as well as tourniquets for surgical procedures in the bloodless field.

VBM Super Large Leg Contour SlimLine Single Port/Single Bladder Tourniquet Cuff Features: Handmade in Germany, this reusable Welded Cuff that is very low profile, which makes the cuff very lightweight and easy to place on the patient.  Cuff is dark red color coded and is washable at 140° (not Autoclavable).  This cuff has a curved design which features a distal diameter smaller than its proximal diameter when applied to a patient. They offer an optimal distribution of pressure and greatly increase patient comfort. The improved fit for conical extremities lowers the risk of mechanical shear forces and guarantees effective exsanguination.  Note: Image may not be an exact representation. See below for more information.

  • Single Port (Tube)
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Reusable
  • Welded Cuff that is very low profile
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to place on the patient
  • Color Coded
  • Washable at 140°
  • Port: Single (Tube)
  • Style: Super Large Leg, Contour
  • Single-Cuff (single bladder)
  • Color: Dark Red
  • Patient Size: Leg / 107 cm
  • Dimensions: 42″ x 4¾”