Aaron Bovie High Frequency Desiccator Unit w/Power Control Handpiece: A940

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These Units are Designed For Years of Trouble-Free Use.  The Aaron A940™ is designed and engineered to be the most reliable and durable desiccator available today. The unit’s life is prolonged by incorporating the latest chip technology and reducing the number of internal parts, thereby generating less internal heat. Its non-absorbing, non-staining, high-impact plastic case simplifies post-procedure and long-term cleanup.

The 940A is a User-Friendly Unit with features that can save you time and money, requiring fewer steps to accomplish the same procedures.  Digital error detection means unsurpassed safety for you and your patient. The Aaron 940™ continuously monitors every aspect of the unit’s output. At the sign of any problem, the machine instantly disables the output and displays the appropriate error code. Optional Table-Top Stands and Mobile stands are available.  See tabs for more information.

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  • More Power with 40 watts
  • Higher Resolution in Bi-Polar Mode increase and a decrease in 1/10th-watt increments from zero to ten watts
  • Universal Power with 100-240 VAC…the A940 is a global option
  • More User-Friendly with features that can save you time and money
  • Less to Do – fewer Steps to Accomplish the Same Procedures
  • Less to buy, Fewer accessories needed for additional functionality


  • A940 Unit, Power Cord
  • Handpiece (A901)
  • 50 Non-sterile Disposable Sharp Dermal Tips (A804)
  • 50 Non-sterile Disposable Blunt Dermal Tips (A806)
  • Wall Mount Kit (A837)
  • User’s guide
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Height: 15.9
  • Width: 22.2
  • Depth: 11.4
  • Weight: < 3 lbs.
  • Output Power: To 40 watts (0-10 watts in 1/10th-watt increments on both mono and bipolar)
  • Line Voltage: Universal Power Supply A940: 100 to 240 VAC
  • Output Frequency: 550 kHz
  • Line Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
  • Warranty: 2 – years

Available Options Sold Separately:

  • Mobile Stand: A812
  • Tray for Mobile Stand: A808T
  • Table-top Stand: A813

Aaron Bovie 940A Brochure  (click to view)