• Conmed 2450 Refurbished

    Conmed 2450 Electrosurgical Unit – Refurbished

  • Conmed 5000 ESU

    Conmed 5000 Electrosurgical Unit – Refurbished

  • ValleyLab Force FX, Electrosurgical Unit, ValleyLab, Refurbished, Venture Medical Requip

    ValleyLab Force FX Electrosurgical Unit – Refurbished

  • ValleyLab, Ligasure, Vessel Sealing Unit, ValleyLab LigaSure, Refurbishedm Venture Medical Requip

    Valleylab LigaSure Vessel Sealing Unit – Refurbished

  • ValleyLab Force 1C, Electro Surgical Unit, Refurbished, ValleyLab, Venture Medical Requip

    ValleyLab Force 1C ESU: Refurbished

  • ValleyLab, Force 2, ESU, ValleyLab Force 2, Refurbished, Venture Medical Requip

    ValleyLab Force 2 Electrosurgical Unit – Refurbished

  • Conmed Excalibur Plus Pc, Conmed, Electro Surgical Unit, Refurbished, Venture Medical Requip

    Conmed Excalibur Plus PC: Refurbished

  • Aspen Labs, Aspen Labs / Conmed Excalibur, Electro Surgical Unit, Refurbished, Venture Medical Requip

    Aspen Labs / Conmed Excalibur ESU: Refurbished

  • Bovie Derma 101 High-Frequency Desiccators: D101

  • Bovie Derma 102 High-Frequency Desiccators w/Bipolar: D102

  • Aaron Bovie A940, High Frequency Desiccator w/ Powered Hand Piece, New, Venture Medical Requip

    Aaron Bovie High Frequency Desiccator Unit w/Power Control Handpiece: A940

  • Aaron Bovie A950, Aaron Bovie, ESU, New, Venture Medical Requip

    Aaron Bovie 950 High Frequency Electrosurgical Unit: A950

  • Aaron Bovie A952-G, High Frequency Desiccator, New, Venture Medical Requip

    Aaron Bovie Bantam Pro High Frequency Desiccator w/Smoke Shark System: A952-G

  • Aaron/Bovie High-Frequency Electrosurgery Generator: 1250

  • Aaron Bovie Specialist PRO Electrosurgical Generator: A1250S

  • Aaron Bovie Digital Electrosurgical Unit: A2250

  • Aaron® Surgi-Center PRO 200 Watt OR Generator: A2350

  • Bovie OR|PRO 300 Watt Electrosurgery Generator: A3350

  • Aaron Smoke Shark II™ w/Long Life 35 Hour Filter & Pneumatic Footswitch : SEO2

  • Bovie Freezpoint Cryosurgery Device: CRY16

  • Aaron Bovie Bipolar Footswitch for Model 2250 and 3250 ESU: BV1254B

  • Aaron Bovie Monopolar Footswitch for Model 1250, 2250 and 3250: BV-1253B

  • Aaron Bovie Electrosurgical / Desiccator footswitch for Model 950 and 1200: A1203

  • Aaron Bovie Waterproof Footswitch for ESU / Desiccator 900 and 1200: A1203-W

  • Aaron Bovie Footswitch for ESU / Desiccator Model 900 and 1200: A803

  • Aaron Bovie Mobile Stand for 1250, 2250 and 3250 ESU: BV-IDS-CS

  • Aaron Bovie Mobile Stand for 1250 2250 and 3250 ESU: ESMS

  • Aaron Bovie Mobile Stand for 1250 2250 and 3250 ESU: ESMS-C

  • Aaron Bovie Mobile Stand for model 800, 900 and 950 ESU: A812

  • Aaron Bovie Mobile Stand for model 800, 900 and 950 ESU: A812-C

New and Refurbished Electro-surgical units for sale from top manufacturers.

ESU Units are available from Venture Medical. Choose from refurbished units from top brands like Valleylab, Conmed, Erbe, Ellman, Bovie, and more. New units are available from Bovie Medical.

Our refurbished electro-surgical units are second to none. From the full cosmetic refinishing for a unit that looks like new; to the calibration, testing, and repairs that have the unit working like it did the day it left the factory. You won’t be disappointed in a refurbished unit from Venture Medical. As a result, staff and colleagues alike may even insist that the refurbished ESU is new! We do refurbishing the way it should be done, because it’s the right was to do it!

Here is a list of a few of the refurbished electro-surgical unit models we offer:

  • Valleylab Force 2, Force FX, Force FX-c
  • Valleylab Force Triad and Ligasure
  • Conmed Excalibur Plus, 2450, 5000
  • Erbe ICC 200, 300, 350
  • Ellman Surgitron, Surgitron II

We also offer monopolar and bipolar foot-switches and carts with all of our new and refurbished electro-surgical units.

Want a new ESU? We are a dealer for Bovie medical, and can supply you with the units and accessories you need from their full lineup of electro-surgical generators. From small dermatology dessicators, to large 300 watt units, we have what you need.

Need a smoke evacuator for your electro-surgical generator? We also can supply new and refurbished models for that, as well.

Call us today for your new and refurbished electro-surgical needs. In conclusion, after purchasing your ESU from Venture Medical, we think you will agree that we are a “cut” above the rest!