Oakworks Spa Accessory: Large Hot Towel Cabi

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Product Description:

Oakworks Spa Accessory:  Large hot Towel Cabi.  Oakworks thermostatically controlled Taiji Towel Warmers are designed to keep pre-moistened towels warmed at a constant temperature ranging between 158° F (70° C) and 176° (80° C) depending on the temperature of the room. The number, condition, and type of towels used dictate the warm-up time.

Large Hot Towel Cabi Features: The Large Hot Towel Cabi contains a UV light for sterilization.  This Large Hot Cabi towel warmer (shown in Celesta Gemini Table, not included) is designed to keep pre-moistened towels in a warm condition for inside use.   Must order Recess Kit (no charge).  See tabs for more information.

  • Designed to keep pre-moistened towels warm
  • Keeps towels at a constant Temp
  • Temperature Range: 158º F to 176º F (when the room temperature is at 86º F)
  • The heater and Thermostat installed inside the Cabi

Note: Must order Recess Kit (no charge)

  • Outside Dimension: 17.9″W x 12.6″D x 11.4″H
  • Inside Dimension: 14.5″W x 8.4″D x 6.7″H
  • Towel capacity: 65 hand towels or 28 face towels
  • Shipping weight: 23 lbs.
  • Box size: 22″x16″x14″
  • UL, cUL & CE listed
  • P/N: 48163

Available Option Sold Separately:

  • Oakworks Small Hot Towel Cabi