Harloff LKSHRPHOLD5Q Accessory – Bemis® Locking Sharps Holder

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Harloff LKSHRPHOLD5Q Accessory – Bemis® Locking Sharps Holder.  Harloff offers a Wide Range of Accessories to use with Harloff Emergency Carts, Anesthesia Carts, Isolation Carts, Treatment Carts as well as Medication Carts.  Bemis® Locking Sharps Container includes 5 quarts Sharps Container. Replacement Locking Sharps Boxes and Containers also available.

Save Staff Time and Keep Supplies Organized: No matter what type of cart you have or need, Harloff has the right accessories for your specific needs Saving Staff Time and Keeping Supplies Organized. Click link to see additional Code / Medical / Specialty / Medication Cart Accessories.

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