Refurbished Hausted 4160 Pediatric Stretcher

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The Hausted 4160 Pediatric Stretcher is a great choice for pediatric and infant transport and treatment.

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The Hausted 4160 Pediatric Stretcher is a great choice for pediatric and infant transport and treatment.

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Refurbished Hausted 4160 Pediatric Stretcher: When Safety and security are a must, this stretcher surrounds the patient with 360º of safety while maintaining complete access to the patient. Optional padded perimeter covers are available for increased protection.


  • Hydraulically Operated for Height Adjustment
  • Trendelenburg with Dual Side Foot Pedals Hydraulic Controls
  • Manually Adjustable Backrest
  • Brake and Steering Activation from all four corners
  • 325 lbs weight capacity
  • New Patient Pad

Furthermore, the refurbished Hausted 4160 pediatric stretcher has dual-sided foot pedals to allow easy height adjustment, while removable end rails allow easy patient access. The pediatric stretcher rolls easily on 8″ casters and has central brake and steering functions. The steer and brake can be accessed from any of the four corners of the stretcher base.

Additionally, the overall dimensions are approximately 30″W x 60″L. Patient surface dimensions are 25.25″W x 56″L. Adjustable height range is from 32.25″ to 39″.

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Wondering about our Refurbishing Process? Check out our blog, where we explain it all. ‘Doing it Right: Explaining the Refurbishing Process.’

  • Dual Side Foot Pedal Hydraulic Controls
  • Height Adjustment
  • Trendelenburg
  • Manual Backrest Adjusts with One Hand</li>
  • Brake and Steering Activation from All 4 Corners
  • Plastic Base with Storage and Built-In Oxygen Tank Holder
  • Full Perimeter Non-Marring Bumper System
  • Polymer Coated Full-Length Vertical Side Rails
  • Polymer Coated Removable End Rails Provide Unrestricted Patient Access
  • One IV and One accessories well at each corner
  • Weight Capacity: 325 lbs
  • Controls (Dual): Hydraulic Height and Trendelenburg</li>
  • Height Range: 32.25″ to 39″
  • Trendelenburg: 0° – 10
  • <li>Manual Adjustable Backrest: 0° – 45° with One Hand
  • Brake and Steering: All 4 Corners
  • Construction: Plastic Base
  • Bumper System: Full Perimeter Non-Marring
  • Side Rails: 18″ x  55″
  • Finish (Side Rail and End Rails): Polymer Coated
  • IV Pole Receptacles: 1 at Each Corner
  • Accessory Wells: 1 at Each Corner
  • Patient Surface: 25″ x 56″
  • Weight Capacity: 325 lbs