Burton AIM-200™ Floorstand: A200FL

Product Description:

Burton AIM-200™ Floorstand: A200FL.  Philips Burton’s new AIM-200 OR provides versatility, amazing illumination, unparalleled aesthetics, and many more features that make it the right light for any procedure. Delivering a true rendition of colors, this light is ideal for long hours of use with three cool 35-watt IRC halogen bulbs – each rated with a 1400-hour average bulb life.

Burton AIM-200 Floorstand Features: The AIM-200 OR is the most versatile and practical light for the Operating Room environment.  The diameter of the Light Head: 51 cm (20 in.) The AIM-200FL has a Light Field Diameter of 10 in. – 12 in. The depth of Illumination is 47 in. and the Swivel Radius of the Lamp Housing-Ceiling Mounted: is 63 in. max.  The AIM-200 Floorstand Base has an ergonomic base design that allows for convenient positioning in any office. This base offers an easy-access footswitch and built-in casters with a locking mechanism on the back casters. See tabs for more information.

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  • Y-shaped light head for Easy Positioning Around the Physician’s Head
  • Easy Bulb Replacement System From the Top of the Light Head
  • Removable, Sterilizable Handle to Adjust the Light Pattern
  • One-Hand Quick Release for Removable Handle
  • Stand-By On/Off Switch
  • Larger and Adjustable Light Pattern
  • Multiple Reflectors of the AIM-200 can be Tilted
  • Light Pattern Free of Cast Shadows
  • Unlimited Rotation and Maximum Reach
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Origin: Manufactured in the USA
  • Illuminance:* 90,000 Lux (8300 FC) at 39.37 in.
  • Color temperature: 3700 k
  • CRI: 96
  • The diameter of the Light Head: is 20 in.
  • Light Field Diameter: 10 in. – 12 in.
  • The depth of Illumination: 47 in.
  • Light Sources (Halogen): 35W IRC, 12-volts, bi-pin
  • Rated Life of Halogen Lamp: 1,400 hours
  • Swivel Radius of Lamp Housing-Ceiling Mounted: 63 in. max.
  • Height Movement of Lamp Housing-Ceiling Mounted: 41 in. vertical movement
  • Minimum Ceiling Height/Maximum Ceiling Height: 8 ft./12 ft.
  • Power: 105 Watts
  • Total Weight: Floor version 35 lbs.

Burton AIM-200 Brochure  (click to view)

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