Birkova Armboard Replacement Pad Selection

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Birkova Offers a Wide Variety of Armboard Replacement Arm Support Pads.  Multi-Purpose Management Pads, Arm & Hand Table Pads, Incline Armboard Pads, and Vinyl Pads for Armguards.  For Replacement or Custom Pads on all other Makes and Models, please call for details.  Note: Please specify foam style, fabric thickness, color, and attachment device requirements when ordering Custom Pads.

NEW! We are pleased to announce that all Birkova Stretcher Pads are available in 7 Optional Color Choices!  The standard color is black unless otherwise specified.  Available color options are sold separately.  Call today to place your order!  Note Loop Velcro down center bottom unless otherwise specified on order.   Birkova New Colors 2017  click to view colors.

Note:  A minimum of 2 weeks lead time applies to all custom-colored pads. This color upgrade is only available in 2-way Stretch Vinyl. Colors may vary with individual monitor settings and capabilities.  See tabs for more information.

Arm & Hand Table Pads:

Standard or Pro-Tek™.   Pads are Flame Retardant, Anti-Microbial, and Fluid Resistant.

  • 1″ Pad for HT-1200: HT-1201-1
  • 1″ Pad for HT-1600 Arm & Hand Table: HT-1601-1
  • 1″ Pad for HT-1800 Arm & Hand Table: HT-1801-1
  • 2″ Pro-Tek™ Pressure Management Pad for HT-8200 Carbon Fiber Arm Table: HT-8201-2 PM
  • 2″ Pro-Tek™ Pressure Management Pad for HT5200 ‘T’ or Winged Table: HT-5201-2 PM
  • 2″ Pressure Management Pad for HT 6600 Rectangle Table: HT-6601-2PM
  • 2″ Pressure Management Pad for HT-6900 Hourglass Arm & Hand Table: HT-6901-2 PM

Incline Armboard Pads:

For all Standard 26″ Armboards.  Pads are Flame Retardant, Anti-Microbial, and Fluid Resistant.

  • Incline from 2″ to 6″ thick: AS-4001-CT2
  • Incline from 3″ to 7″ Thick: AS-4001-CT3

Vinyl Pads for Armguards:

Memory Foam Pads Covered with 4-Way Stretch Fusion Fabric easily slip over Armguard.   Pads are Flame Retardant and Anti-Microbial, and Fluid Resistant.  Disposable Pads are Available.

  • Vinyl soft Pad Provides Patient Protection and Comfort: AS-8020
  • Double-Care Pad Provides Protection for both Patient and Caregiver.  Memory foam on Both Sides of Armguard: AS-8040

Armboard Pads:

Standard, Pro-Tek™ or Integra Gel as Specified Below.  Pads are Flame Retardant, Anti-Microbial, and Fluid Resistant.

  • 6″x 24″ 1″: Standard AS-2001-1
  • 6″x 24″ 2″: Standard: AS-2001-2
  • 6″x 24″ 2″: Pro-Tek™, AS-2001-2PM
  • 6″x 26″ 1″: Standard: AS-4001-1
  • 6″x 26″ 2″: Standard AS-4001-2
  • 6″x 26″ 2.5″: Pro-Tek™ AS-4001-2PM
  • 6″x 26″ 2.5″: Pro-Tek™ AS-4001-2.5PM
  • 6″x 26″ 2.5″:Integra Gel AS-4001-2-IGC
  • 6″x 26″ 3″: Standard AS-4001-3
  • 6″x 26″ 3″: Pro-Tek™ AS-4001-3PM
  • 6″x 26″ 3″: Integra Gel AS-4001-3-IGC
  • 6″x 26″ 4″: Standard AS-4001-4
  • 6″x 26″ 4″: Pro-Tek™ AS-4001-4PM
  • 6″x 26″ 4″: Integra Gel AS-4001-4-IGC
  • 11″ x 26″ 2″: Standard Xtra Wide AS-4111-2
  • 11″x  26″ 2″: Pro-Tek™ Xtra Wide AS-4111-2PM
  • 6″ x 20″ Pedi 2″, Phenolic: Pro-Tek™ Xtra Wide AS-1201-2PM