SchureMed EZ-Lift Beach Chair: 800-0142

Product Description:

SchureMed EZ-Lift Beach Chair: 800-0142. Position patients for shoulder surgery with this lightweight and cost-effective surgical beach chair that adjusts from 0-90° with a powerful piston system that assists O.R. staff when lifting the patient into position.  It significantly reduced the effort of O.R. staff when lifting patients over other manual systems.

SchureMed EZ-Lift Beach Chair Features:  500 lb. surgical patient weight capacity, Articulation range 0-90°, and Sliding headrest conform to every patient.  Lateral brace included.  A double-ball joint head system safely secures the patient’s head; a five-piece Deluxe pad set is included.  Required Disposable Face Masks or Disposable Head & Chin Straps are sold separately. Select one model.  See tabs for more information.

Note: To view Venture Medical’s complete catalog of Beach Chair Positioners or complete catalog of Surgical Table Accessories, click to view.

  • Significantly reduces effort by O.R. staff when lifting patients over other manual systems
  • 500 lb. surgical patient weight capacity
  • Articulation range 0-90°
  • Sliding headrest conforms to every patient
  • Lateral brace included (see additional gallery image #4, shown in use)
  • Double-ball joint head system safely secures the patient’s head
  • Five-piece Deluxe pad set included
  • Required Disposable Face Masks or Disposable Head & Chin Straps sold separately; select one model (see additional gallery images #2. & #3.)

Note: See #1. additional gallery image to view the features listed as follows:

1. Double Ball Joint Head Section
Lateral Brace
Locking Handle
4. Removable Shoulder Panel
5. E-Z Trigger
6. Locking Handle

Device Dimensions (maximum)

  • Height: 38” +/- 0.5 “ collapsed , 44” +/- 0.5” extended
  • Width: 26” +/- 0.5”
  • Depth: 9” +/-  0.5” with pad
  • Device Weight: 25 +/-  0.5 lbs
  • Operates on Leg or Back sections of O.R. surgical table
  • Single-person installation
  • Removable panels (15.125” +/- 0.005” x 6.625” +/-0.005”)
  • Reusable/Disposable padding
  • Compensating double ball joint headrest
  • Restraint straps (Head = 22” L+/- 0.5” x 2”W, Chin = 22” L +/- 0.5” x 2”W)
  • Contains a lateral brace that provides counter–traction

Required Accessory, Select One Model:

  • Disposable Full Face Mask Positioners (see #2. additional gallery image) 800-0164
  • Disposable Head & Chin Strap Positioners (see #3. additional gallery image) 800-0039

Available Accessories Sold Separately:

  • Schure Socket XL: 800-0134. Click the link to view
  • Shoulder Chair Dolly (see #5. additional gallery image): 800-0074
  • Multi-Axis Positioner (see #6. additional gallery image): 800-0050