Birkova Maquet /Alphastar 1132 Bariatric Comfort Series Replacement Cushion

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Product Description:

Birkova Maquet/Alphastar 1132 Bariatric Comfort Series Replacement Cushion Set: BCS-5380.  Birkova’s Bariatric Comfort Series 4-pc replacement set is designed with the comfort of bariatric patients in mind and is recommended for low-high risk obese patients. The Bariatric Comfort Series BCS-5380 fits Maquet/Alphastar Model 1132.  Pad is 4″ thick overall and constructed with high-density firm foam.

Bariatric Comfort Series BCS-5380 features along with 4″ thick high-density firm foam, pads also have a layer of anti-sheer Pro-Tek Memory foam, and are finally covered with a 3-way stretch ultra soft Fusion Fabric (vinyl). Replacement sets are available for all makes and models of Surgical Tables, Orthopedic Tables, and other O.R. Equipment.  Note: Surgical Tables are sold separately.  See Tabs for more information.

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  • For Maquet/Alphastar Model 1132
  • Designed for the Comfort of Bariatric Patients
  • For Low-High Risk Obese Patients
  • Waterfall Edge Construction
  • Fluid and Stain Resistant
  • X-ray Permeable
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Latex Free

4″ Pad Construction:

  • Inside Layer: High-density Comfort Foam
  • Second Layer: Medium Firm High-density Foam
  • Third Layer: Prot-Tek memory foam
  • Cover: 4-Way Stretch fusion Fabric

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Available Color Options:   See Gallery Image of All Nine Colors.

Note: A minimum of a two-week lead time applies to all custom colored pads.