Birkova Narrow Headrest: NH-2000 Series

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Birkova’s Narrow Headrest NH-2000.  Birkova Products LLC has been manufacturing and supplying a vast range of quality products for the medical profession since 1957, generating worldwide synergy in the Medical Industry with its products and services.

Birkova’s Narrow Headrest NH-2000 Series Features:  The NH-2000 was designed for Ophthalmic and ENT Procedures.  This Narrow Headrest Allows Superior Access for the Surgeon.  It has a Durable Design using Stainless Steel and Radiolucent Phenolic.  It comes with a Thick Pad, and Clamps are Not Required for Mounting.  The headrest is designed for Most Surgical Tables.  See tabs for more information and specific Narrow Headrest/Surgical Table Compatibility order number.

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  • Designed for ENT and Ophthalmic Procedures
  • Allows superior access for the surgeon
  • Durable design using stainless steel and radiolucent phenolic
  • It comes with Thick Pad
  • Clamps are not required for mounting.
  • This headrest is designed for most surgical tables
  • Construction: Stainless Steel
  • Pad Thickness: 2″

Must Specify Make and Model of Surgical Table:

  • Amsco 2080/1080 (NH-2120)
  • Amsco/Steris 3080/3085 (NH-2130)
  • Skytron Tables (NH-2200)
  • Shampaine Tables (NH-2300)

Note: Please use Specific NH Order Numbers when Ordering.