Aaron Bovie 950 High Frequency Electrosurgical Unit: A950

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We are introducing the Aaron A950™, the first and only High-Frequency Desiccator with Cut. You might call it a split personality. One-half of the unit is a high-frequency desiccator based on our very popular Aaron 900. The other half is a Bovie® Generator, giving you 60 watts of cutting power and coag capabilities—plenty of power for LLETZ/LEEP or almost any cutting procedure performed in the doctor’s office.

Three Modes of Operation: The Bovie Generator offers you up to 60 watts in Cut mode, Blended Cut mode, and Pinpoint Coagulation mode.  Simplicity is achieved using easy-touch, color-coded membrane pads and placing all user controls and outputs on the unit’s compact front panel.   The ergonomic arrangement of commonly used operating functions, plus a large, comfortable rotary dial, provides quick operating mode selections and smooth power adjusting with the option of adjusting the power from the handpiece.  Digital Error Detection: Digital error detection means unsurpassed safety for you and your patient. The Aaron 950 continuously monitors every aspect of the unit’s output. At the sign of any problem, the machine instantly disables the output and displays the appropriate error code.

Procedural Confidence: The use of the Aaron 950™ promotes procedural confidence. Our surgical handpiece fits comfortably in your hand and, when not in use, rests conveniently in a holder specifically designed to minimize contact with the unit. The hand-piece holder safely isolates the instrument from the medical team, the patient, and the unit.  All industry-standard 3/32″ disposable and reusable electrodes fit the 950™ handpiece. Hand-pieces may be autoclaved for greater operating efficiency and maximum cost control.  Aaron 950™ post-procedure cleanup is simple (and fast) due to nonabsorbent ABS enclosures and our use of liquid-resistant membrane switches that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.  See tabs for more information.

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A950 Features:

  • Bovie® Generator
  • 60 Watts – Cut, Blend, Coagulation
  • Isolated Power
  • 6 Presets – For The Doctor’s Favorite Settings  and one-touch recall
  • High-Frequency Desiccator: 35 Watts – Fulguration, 30 Watts – Bipolar, 1-10 Watts – Adjustable in 1/10 watt increments
  • The desiccator does not require the use of a return pad
  • Change Power In One Step, Not Four
  • The Bovie 3-Button Hand-piece –  it’s autoclavable, so you can have sterility when you need it


  • Unit Power Cord
  • Handpiece (A901)
  • Ten Disposable Hand-piece Drapes (A910)
  • Five Sterile Disposable Electrodes (three ES01 blades, one ES02 needle, one ES20 ball)
  • 50 Sharp (A804) and 50 Blunt (A806) Non-sterile Dermal Tips
  • Reusable Grounding Cord (A1202C)
  • Five Disposable Grounding Pads (A1202)
  • Wall Mount Kit (A837)
  • User’s Guide
  • 2-Year Warranty (Unit)
  • Generator: Cut: 60 watts, Blend: 60 watts, Coagulation: 60 watts
  • High-Frequency Desiccator: Fulguration: 35 watts, Bipolar: 30 watts
  • Line Voltage: A950™: 120 VAC ± 10% A950™-220: 230-240 VAC
  • Output Frequency: 350-800 kHz
  • Line Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 10.25″W x 7″H x  4.5″D
  • Weight: < 8 lbs.
  • Warranty (Unit): 2 years

Aaron Bovie 950A Brochure  (click to view)

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