MPD TTR-5 Cart Accessory Trellis System w/ Hooks

product ID VM-MPDTTR5-N

Product Description:

MPD TTR-5 Trellis System with Hooks. Other Trellis Systems with Hooks and without hooks are also available for additional MPD Carts, see the tab for more information.

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  • TTR-6 Trellis, 3 Tier for Standard Carts
  • TTR-7 Trellis 3 Tier for Mini Carts
  • TTR-8 Trellis, 3 Tier with hooks for Mini Carts
  • TTR-9 Trellis, 3 Tier for Wide Carts
  • TTR-10 Trellis, 3 Tier, with Hooks, for Wide Carts
  • STR-1 Trellis, 3 Tier for Select Carts
  • STR-5 Trellis, 3 Tier with Hooks for Select Carts