Space Saving / Mini / Tower Cart Accessories

  • Harloff Accessory – Suction Unit Holder for Cart 6411: 680308

  • Harloff 680404A, Outlet Strip Accessory, Venture Medical Requip

    Harloff 680404A Accessory – Electrical Outlet, Hospital Grade

  • Harloff 680406, Cardiac Board Accessory, Venture Medical Requip

    Harloff 680406 Accessory – Cardiac Board & 3 Brackets

  • Harloff 680425OHMS, 2 Prong IV Pole Cart Accessory, Venture Medical Requip

    Harloff 680425OHMS Accessory – 2 Prong IV Pole for Short OHMS

  • Harloff 681702, Accessory Sharps Container Bracket, Venture Medical Requip

    Harloff 681704 Accessory – Universal Sharps Bracket

  • Harloff 684802, Accesory Bemis Sharp Container, Venture Medical Requip

    Harloff 684802 Cart Accessory – Bemis® Sharps Container w/ Bracket

  • Harloff 684811, Accessory Sharps container, Venture Medical Requip

    Harloff 684811 Accessory – Bemis® Locking Sharps Holder w/Glove Box

  • Harloff Accessory – Chart Holder w/Rail Clips: 680417

  • Harloff Accessory – Steel and Plastic Removable Cart Tops

  • Harloff Accessory – Waste Container w/Cover and Bracket: 680409

  • MPD Cart Accessory: Suction Unit Holder TSU-1

  • MPD Cart Accessory: Drawer Tray: TRY-4

  • MPD Cart Accessory: Mini Cart Tubular Railing TMR-1

  • MPD Cart Accessory: Mini/Tower Drawer Dividers

  • MPD Cart Accessory: Mini/Tower Full Drawer Tray TMH-10

  • MPD Cart Accessory: Mini/Tower Shelf Unit TBS-1

  • MPD Cart Accessory: Oxygen Tank Bracket TOB-1

  • MPD Cart Accessory: Wire B/P Cuff Basket TWB-10

  • MPD Cart Accessory: Wire Basket TWB-13

  • MPD Cart Accessory: Wire Basket TWB-7