Riester Ziegler Head Mirror


Product Description:

Riester Ziegler Lightweight Head Mirror.  Designed for demanding everyday use in primary and hospital care and also by medical specialists, our products are manufactured according to Riester´s exacting quality standards and are supplied with our “Original Riester” certificate of authenticity.  See tabs for more information.  Call for price.

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  • Available with mirror diameter 90 mm / 3.54 inch.
  • Sturdy, easy-to-assemble ball-and-socket joint to turn the mirror in different directions
  • A simple adjustment to the size of the head using the metal buckle on the side of the headband
  • Subject to alterations. 901004-50 Rev. L 2016-10 Ziegler
  • Ziegler Head Mirror: Ø 90 mm Art. No: 6005
  • Headbands: Art. No: 11305
  • Headlights only with joint: Ø 90 mm Art. No: 11312