Riester ri-magic® HPLED

Product Description:

Riester ri-magic® HPLED.  Green Efficiency, LED examination lights for efficient diagnosis.  Riester examination lights feature high-performance LED technology for excellent light output, low maintenance cost provide bright and outstanding reliability. Quality made in Germany.  See tabs for more information.  Call for pricing.

  • Sturdy mobile base made of fiberglass and chrome-plated pole.
  • Diameter 54 cm.
  • Easy to move due to low friction castors (antistatic, two castors
    can be locked).
  • Power supply attached to the pole (Art. No. 6252)
  • Available as a table, wall, or floor model
  • Light Distance 400 mm: max. 130,000 lux and Ø 230 mm
  • Light Distance 600 mm: max. 77,000 lux and Ø 320 mm
  • Color temperature 5,700 Kelvin
  • CRI = 93
  • Lamp life: of up to 50,000 hours
  • Rheostat Handle
  • Wide range power supply for 230V / 120V
  • Tripod Construction: Fiberglass tripod, chrome-plated rod
  • Diameter: 54 cm
  • Wheels: Antistatic, 2 wheels with brake

Available Options Sold Separately:

  • Floor Design 230 V/120 V Art. No.: 6250
    Floor design, power supply attached to the pole
    230 V/120 V Art. No.: 6252
  • Stand with adapter incl. base with 5 casters and tube: 11343
  • Adapter part between stand and lamp arm: 11344
  • Wall fixture: 11345
  • Universal clamp: 11346