Medical Illumination System Two Halogen Series: S2D-16

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The Medical Illumination System Two Halogen Series: S2D-16.   (Two 16″ Surgery Lights) incorporates proven halogen reliability and an unparalleled list of standard features, making it an industry standard.  Designed for outstanding performance, our System Two 16″ halogen surgery light has features useful in various surgery and operating room settings.

MI System Two Halogen Series S2D-16 Features: Full focus control, 4-stage dimming, high color temperature, a complete array of mounting options, and low cost make the Halogen Surgery Lights a great value.  The System Two ceiling mounting and extension have been completely redesigned for far easier mounting and improved stability.  Along with Surgery Light, we offer advanced video integration capability with video camera and video monitoring options.

Please Note: The Medical Illumination System Two Halogen Series Surgery Light has been discontinued. Please call for a comparable item, or if you have questions, please contact Venture Medical, your authorized Medical Illumination Dealer, for more information.

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  • 21,500 – 83,174 lux (2,000 – 7,727 ft candles) output at 1 meter distance
  • Over 4,000º Kelvin color temperature
  • A fully adjustable light pattern
  • Durable ceiling casting for optimum stability, balance, and function
  • 360º rotational contacts at all critical points
  • Electronic touch controls for on/off and dimming
  • Removable sterilizable handle
  • Reserve bulb with auto-switchover in case of primary bulb failure
  • Advanced suspension arm design, providing smooth, extensive coverage
  • A unique curved facial lens design
  • Available in several configurations, including our video camera and monitor arm options
  • Three (3) year manufacturer’s warranty*

*The limited warranty excludes all bulbs and LEDs

Dual Lights (combined):

  • Weight: Approximately 104.5 lbs

System Two 16″ Light (single):

  • Weight: Approximately 73.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: Ceiling Casting: 17.0″ diameter x 4.7″ deep
  • Rotations – Ceiling Mount/extension arm interface: Continuous
  • Articulating arm vertical movement: +20 – 70 degrees
  • Articulating arm/Yoke interface: Continuous
  • Yoke/lamp head interface: +/- 150 degrees
  • Voltage: 100 – 125 VAC 50?60 Hz
  • Lamp voltage: 23 – 25 VAC 50/60 Hz (150 Watts)
  • Power: 120/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz 340 Watts
  • Reflector: 16″ diameter vacuum metalized aluminum, faceted
  • IR/Color correcting filter glass: 4000º Kelvin
  • Irradiance: 314 W/m2
  • Color Rendering Index: 90
  • Focal length: 39″ @ 1 meter
  • Central illuminance (adjustable): 2,000 – 7,727 foot candles
  • The depth of Illuminance: 42″
  • Light field diameter (adjustable) 5.625 – 9.850″
  • Illuminance (one mask): 978-foot candles
  • Illuminance (two masks): 3,472-foot candles
  • Operating temperature: 41º – 104ºF

Available Options Sold Separately:

  • Optional 8 Input Controller (shown below)
  • Disposable Sterile Handle Covers – Carton of 160: BV-0001709