Bar-Ray Protective Eyewear: Ultralite

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Bar-Ray Protective Eyewear: Ultralite. Bar-Ray Products offers protective leaded glasses which provide user comfort and a stylish appearance while providing x-ray eye protection. Wrap-around and Ultra Pb protect against scattering x-ray radiation while allowing peripheral vision. The Metalite glasses come with custom-fitted lead side shields, while our Euro design and Nanolite Ultra glasses provide user protection in a stylish design.

Bar-Ray Protective Eyewear Ultralite Features: Get ultimate comfort with these Ultralite large frames, uniquely designed for high-prescription lenses. Even during the most extended procedures, you’ll forget you’re wearing them because of their feather-light weight, soft rubber nose bridge and pads, flex hinges, and comfortable head strap. Nonprescription (Plano) lenses reduce glare with an anti-reflective coating. Also available with an adjustable nose bridge for those with a smaller nose bridge or flatter features. .75 mm protection. More suitable for larger framed faces.  Note: Price reflects Non-Prescription Glasses.  See tabs for more information.

  • Ultimate comfort
  • Large frames
  • Designed for high-prescription lenses
  • Feather-light weight
  • Soft rubber nose bridge and pads
  • Flex hinges
  • Comfortable head strap
  • Nonprescription (Plano) lenses reduce glare with an anti-reflective coating
  • Available with an adjustable nose bridge
  • .75 mm protection
  • Suitable for larger framed faces

Ultralite-Large Frame Protective Glasses Options:


  • Red Non-Prescription: 61478-red
  • Silver Non-Prescription: 61478-silver
  • Blue Non-Prescription: 61478-blue
  • Black Non-Prescription: 61478-black

Single Vision: 

  • Red Single Vision: 61478S-red
  • Silver Single Vision: 61478S-silver
  • Blue Single Vision: 61478S-blue
  • Black Single Vision: 61478S-black

Bifocal Vision: 

  • Red Bifocal Vision: 61478b-red
  • Silver Bifocal Vision: 61478b-silver
  • Blue Bifocal Vision: 61478b-blue
  • Black Bifocal Vision: 61478b-black

Progressive Vision: 

  • Red Progressive Vision: 61478p-red
  • Silver Bifocal Vision: 61478p-silver
  • Blue Bifocal Vision: 61478p-blue
  • Black Bifocal Vision: 61478p-black