Aaron Bovie Bantam Pro High Frequency Desiccator w/Smoke Shark System: A952-G

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Aaron Bovie Bantam Pro High-Frequency Desiccator w/SEGYN Smoke Shark System: A952-G.  We’ve combined our Bovie Bantam|PRO A952 package with our superb smoke evacuation system and complete mobile stand to produce a compact, portable design for the office or hospital.

Additional Features:  As an added benefit, we included a loop electrode kit (5 of our most popular loops) and a smoke evacuator hose reducer fitting for attaching a vaginal speculum to create the most cost-effective GYN system on the market today.  See tabs for more information.

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  • Use of the Bovie Bantam PRO, A952, promotes procedural confidence. The handpiece fits comfortably in your hand
  • when not in use, the handpiece rests conveniently in a holder specifically designed to minimize contact with the unit
  • The handpiece holder safely isolates the instrument from the medical team, the patient, and the unit
  • All industry-standard 3/32″ (0.24 cm) disposable and reusable electrodes fit the A902 handpiece
  • Handpieces may be autoclaved for greater operating efficiency and maximum cost control
  • When an electrosurgical generator mode, the unit features Bovie NEM™ pad-sensing technology, which monitors the return electrode for optimum patient protection
  • Post-procedure cleanup is simple (and fast) due to nonabsorbent ABS enclosures and our use of liquid-resistant membrane switches that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth
  • High-Frequency Desiccator 40 Watts – Fulguration 40 Bipolar 40 Micropolar .1-10 Watts – Adjustable in 1/10 watt increments
  • High-Frequency Desiccator is a ground-referenced machine that does not require a return pad. It gives you precision Fulguration of up to 40 watts and Bipolar power of up to 40 watts. All power settings are adjustable in 1/10 watt settings from .1-10 watts
  • Change Power in one step, not four – the A952 allows the doctor to change the power setting with one action, using the up/down buttons on the autoclavable handpiece or the rotary power-control dial. This saves time and protects the sterile field during sensitive procedures
  • The foot control feature simply needs to plug in the optional footswitch. There is no expensive separate handpiece, and the handpiece retains the ability to adjust the power and activate the unit in this mode
  • The Bovie 3-Button Handpiece is better by design – the A902 handpiece (Patent #8,998,899) allows you to adjust the power output up and down as well as to activate the unit, even when you are in foot control mode. Designed with a 2-pin plug design, no more flying lead
  • Digital error detection means unsurpassed safety for you and your patient. The Bovie Bantam | PRO, A952, continuously monitors every aspect of the unit’s output.
  • At the sign of any problem, the machine instantly disables the output and displays the appropriate error code on the display.


Electrosurgical Generator:

  • A952 electrosurgical generator
  • A902 (1) handpiece*
  • A910 (2) non-sterile disposable handpiece sheaths
  • A910ST (2) sterile disposable handpiece sheaths
  • ES01 (3), ES02 (1), ES20 (1) sterile disposable electrodes
  • A804 (5), A806 (5), A806DE (2) disposable non-sterile dermal tips
  • A805 (2), A807 (2), A807DE (2) disposable sterile dermal tips
  • A1252C (2) reusable grounding cord*
  • ESRE (5) disposable split grounding pads* BANTAM|PRO

SEGYN Smoke Shark System:

  • SE02 Smoke Shark™ II with a pneumatic footswitch (FSSEP)
  • SF35 35-hour filter
  • 786T 7/8″ tube 6′ long
  • SERF reducer fitting (attaches to vaginal speculum)

ESLK Electrosurgical Loop Kit:

  • ES09 (1) 10 mm x 10 mm loop
  • ES11 (1) 15 mm x 10 mm loop
  • ES12 (1) 20 mm x 8 mm loop
  • ES13 (1) 20 mm x 15 mm loop
  • ES16 (1) 10 mm x 8 mm square
  • ES07 (5) Extended Ball Electrodes

Loop kit with Extended Ball Electrodes:

  • A812-C electrosurgical mobile stand
  • A812-C mobile stand
  • A812-E height extender
  • A808-T instrument tray
  • A812-BT bottom tray

A952 Electrosurgical Generator:

  • Line Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Output Frequency: 304-451 kHz
  • Line Voltage: 100-240 VAC
  • Output Power: Cut-50 watts, Blend: 50-watts, Coagulation: 50-watts, Fulguration: 40-watts, Bipolar: 40-watts
  • Contact Monitoring Systems: BovieNEM™
  • Contact Monitoring Systems: 10 ohms or less over the entire operating range
  • Range/Trip Point: (10C° to 40°C)
  • Cooling System: Passive Cooling
  • Technology: Isolated
  • RF Output Dimensions: Height: 188 mm (7.40 in.) X Width: 228 mm (8.98 in.) X Depth: 105 mm (4.13 in.)
  • Weight: < 2.26 kg (< 5 lbs.)
  • Warranty: 4 years

Smoke Shark II System:

  • Line Voltage SE02: 100/120 VAC
  • SE02-220: 220/240 VAC
  • Line Frequency 50-60 Hz
  •  Dimensions and Weight Width: 27.9 cm (11″) Height: 15.2 cm (6″) Depth: 39.4 cm (15.5″)
  • Weight: 4.3 kg (10 lbs.)
  •  WARRANTY (Unit) – 2 year

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