Aaron Bovie Specialist PRO Electrosurgical Generator: A1250S

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Bovie Specialist PRO Electrosurgical Generator: A1250S.  The Bovie Specialist | PRO is affordable for busy physician’s offices or specialty facilities. The multi-purpose unit features a modern push-button design and is capable of most monopolar and bipolar surgical procedures.

The Specialist PRO Offers 5 energy outputs with up to 120 watts of power; modalities include Cut, Blend, Coagulation, Fulguration, and Standard Bipolar. The unit is designed with dependable safety features like BovieNEM™ (Neutral Electrode Monitoring) pad-sensing technology, BovieDED™ (Digital Error Detection), audible alert tones, and self-test circuits. The Bovie Specialist PRO satisfies the physician’s electrosurgical needs with safety, reliability, and convenience. See tabs for more information.

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  • Designed to operate like an OR generator in a smaller, lower-powered package
  • State-of-the-art safety features including Bovie NEM (Neutral Electrode Monitoring) pad-sensing technology, which monitors the return electrode for optimum patient protection
  • BovieDED (Digital Error Detection) monitors all functions of the generator to ensure constant safety for the patient, doctor, and staff
  • Backed by Bovie’s four (4) year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Large illuminated digital displays
  • Ample raised push button power controls provide rapid power adjustments
  • Self-test circuits
  • Audible tones
  • Discreet outputs FCFS™ (First Come First Served)
  • Isolated circuitry
  • Digital Error Detection

Accessories Included:

  • Bovie Specialist|PRO Electrosurgical Generator
  • ESP1 ESP1 – Sterile, Disposable, Electrosurgical Push Button Pencil (1 ea.)
  • ES01 ES01 – Sterile, Disposable Blade Electrode (1 ea.)
  • ES02 ES02 – Sterile, Disposable Needle Electrode (1 ea.)
  • ES20 ES20 – Sterile, Disposable Ball Electrode (1 ea.)
  • ESRE ESRE – Split Disposable Return Electrode, Non-Corded (5 ea.)
  • A1252C A1252C – Reusable Grounding Cable (2)
  • 110 Power Cord
  • 110 VAC Hospital-Grade Power Cord (15ft.)
  • 220 Power Cord
  • 220 VAC Hospital-Grade Power Cord (15ft.)
  • User’s Guide (MC-55-237-001)
  • Cut (120 Watts)
  • Blend (90 Watts)
  • Coagulation (80 Watts)
  • Fulguration (40 Watts)
  • Bipolar (30 Watts)
  • Monopolar Footswitch
  • Receptacle Accepts cable or adapter equipped with Bovie plug
  • Connect foot-switching accessories
  • Monopolar receptacle
  • Monopolar Hand Switching Receptacle Accepts standard three-pin handpiece
  • Connect hand-switching accessories
  • Bipolar receptacle Bipolar Receptacle
  • Accepts standard cable for bipolar handpieces

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  • BV-1253B Footswitch
  • BV-1253B – Monopolar Footswitch
  • Disposable Electrosurgery Pencils
  • A1255A – Foot-switch Adapter
  • Disposable Loops
  • Disposable LLETZ/LEEP Loop Electrodes
  • Disposable Extended Ball Electrodes
  • Disposable Extended Ball Electrodes
  • Disposable Grounding Pads (ESREC, ESRE)
  • Disposable Split Return Electrode (ESREC)
  • Disposable SuperCut™ Needles Electrodes
  • Resistick  Disposable Resistick II™ Electrodes
  • Disposable Loops
  • Disposable Dermal Loops