Oakworks Wide Carbon Fiber Arm Board

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OAKWORKS® Wide Carbon Fiber Arm Board: 70337-T01.  Oakworks Carbon Fiber Arem Board has Superior Imaging Quality.  Fully radiolucent with a 180º range of motion enabling positioning of the arm board where you need it to ensure a clear image.  This arm board requires no mounting or attachment hardware and simply slides under the tabletop pad.

Versatility at its Best!  This product can be used on any Fluoroscopy Table and can support arms and feet in a variety of positioning configurations. This 7.5″ wide, unique design allows the product to be folded together for safe and compact storage when not in use.  Also available: Narrower 6″ wide Carbon Fiber Arm Board.  See tabs for more information.

  • Carbon Fiber Arm Board is Fully Radiolucent
  • 180º Range of Motion (shown below left)
  • Requires No Mounting or Attachment Hardware
  • Can be used on Any Fluoroscopy Table
  • Pad can Support Arms and Feet in a Variety of Positioning Configurations
  • Can be folded together for safe and compact storage (shown below right)
  • Superior Imaging Quality
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Base: 7.5”  wide x 24”  long
  • 180º Rotation
  • Frame: Fully Radiolucent Carbon Fiber
  • P/N: 70337

Available Option Sold Separately:

  • Carbon Fiber Arm Board, 6″W x 23″L with 180° articulation, P/N 42585-T01