Eschmann T10-M Operating Table

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The Eschmann T10-M Operating Table accommodates all the tabletop functions of the T10-E table with the addition of a mobile base. With a maximum patient weight of 550 pounds static and 440-pound mobile, the T10-M table is capable of supporting most modern surgical needs and offers outstanding options for patient positioning. The Eschmann T10-M operating table provides the functionality of a working table for a range of surgical procedures, with the maneuverability of a trolley system, thus reducing manual handling, and also benefits from being compatible with the existing T-Series accessories.

The Eschmann Philosophy:  Work closely with the people who matter the most – the surgical clinicians and surgery center professionals who use our world-class products.  This close cooperation allows us to develop a range of operating tables featuring a host of benefits that consistently exceed the exacting demands required in today’s surgery center environment.  In terms of quality and reliability, Eschmann operating tables are acknowledged as being second to none, the very best in medical engineering technology for over 100 years – our assurance for your complete confidence.  Please contact us today to learn more about the Eschmann T10-M operating table.  See tabs for more information.

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  • Powered operating table for general and specialist surgery
  • 550-pound maximum patient weight static, 440-pound mobile
  • Full-length radiolucent top with integral x-ray cassette tunnel accessible from either end
  • 29.6-41.5 height range with mattress
  • 23.6 wide tabletop (across sidebars) – optional width extenders available
  • Corded handset controlling Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, lateral tilt, flexion/extension and height
  • Offset table-top break and offset slim-line column for superior imaging and access
  • Column covers in stainless steel
  • Battery-powered, with facility for connection to mains electricity for immediate use
  • Low battery warning and battery exhaustion protection
  • The foot pedal on the base controls brakes, wheels, and casters for stability, steering, straight-line, and 360-degree mobility. It can be accessed from the head end or either side of the table
  • Head and leg sections are removable and interchangeable, with an auto-locking mechanism, and can be adjusted with one hand
  • Covers to the top and base are made of scratch-resistant, and colorful acrylic-capped ABS moldings to minimize potential sites for cross-contamination and provide a wash down the surface to the tabletop
  • Mattresses are molded and anti-static with no seams to remove potential sites on the mattresses where body fluids such as blood can congregate and also ensure ease of cleaning after each procedure or operation
  • Special one-piece mattress covering break position (long and short trunk sections) to combat fluid ingress and to provide superior patient support
  • The standard configuration has a 3″ deep mattress with a 3.4″ mattress option
  • Optional color-coordinated caster covers are available
  • The option of a table with divided legs is available

Transporting a patient:

  • Two positions for transporting patient (supine and chair)
  • Reduced manual handling
  • The design of the base enhances mobility when transporting patients
  • Optional caster covers are available

General & Specialized Surgery:

  • Maximum patient comfort
  • Interchangeable head and leg sections with auto-locking
  • Built-in X-ray cassette tunnel
  • 550 pounds maximum patient weight
  • 23.6″ wide top
  • Width extenders for obese patients

Urology & Gynecology:

  • Easy patient positioning
  • No patient lifting or dragging
  • Excellent access for the surgeon
  • Unrivaled C-arm access
  • Kidney break positioning without moving the patient
  • Mattress spans the break for better patient support

Ophthalmic/ENT & Neurosurgery:

  • Excellent access for the surgeon
  • Very low minimum height with built-in X-ray cassette tunnel
  • 100° chair position with easy access for the surgeon
  • Narrow T-shape base for stability and access

Cardio-Vascular & Spinal Surgery:

  • Full X-ray imaging for C-arm or cassette films for spinal surgery and laminectomy
  • 27.7″-39.5″ height range (includes the mattress)

General Specifications:

Mobile Base (T10-M Table) Specifications:

  • Tabletop width: 23.6″
  • Base width: 24″
  • Maximum Base Width (including casters): 29.8″

Table Specifications:

  • Lateral Tilt: ± 15°
  • Trendelenburg: 30°
  • Reverse Trendelenburg: 30°
  • Maximum Height (including 3″ mattress): 41.5″
  • Minimum Height: 29.6 (incl. 3″ mattress)
  • Leg Section: -100° +55°
  • Maximum Flexion: 100°
  • Maximum Extension: 215°
  • Width across Sidebars: 23.6
  • Length: 82.8″
  • Head Section Adjustment: +45°/-45°
  • Maximum Patient Weight: 550 lbs.
  • Mattress thickness: 3″

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