Enthermics Combination Blanket/Fluid Warming Cabinet: EC1730BL

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Enthermics EC1730BL Combination Blanket/Fluid Warming Cabinet: EC1730BL. This combination Blanket/Warming Cabinet has an interior capacity of 17.3 feet with Windowed Doors, Interior Illumination, and Deluxe Electronic Control.  The WarmRight® Fluid Chamber provides the right temperature for the right product: Irrigation (IRR) or Injection (INJ) Fluids.

Enthermics Combination Warming Cabinet EC1730BL:  This Warming Cabinet is designed to safely warm and store blankets and either irrigation fluids or injection fluids.  The dual-chambered warming cabinet is constructed with stainless steel exterior casing and a door with a handle and hinges designed to withstand heavy usage.  Doors with windows allow observation of inventory with the door closed.  The cabinet is warmed using a low-heat-density electrothermal cable array.  The Electrothermal cable is positioned on the floor and two sides of the warming cabinet, providing even heating of the interior chamber.  See tabs for more information.

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  • Interior Illumination
  • Windowed Doors
  • Deluxe Electronic Control
  • Seismic Wall Mount
  • Adjustable Irrigation Mode: 98°-150°F
  • Adjustable Injection Mode: 90°-104°F
  • Temperature Range: 98°-200°F
  • 24-Hour Timer: Single programmable “off” period
  • Epoxy-Coated Blanket Support Assembly
  • 2 Doors
  • 2 Windows: 1 window in each door
  • Adjustable Irrigation Mode: 98°-150°F
  • Adjustable Injection Mode: 90°-104°F
  • Temperature Range: 98°-200°F
  • 24-Hour Timer
  • Epoxy-Coated Blanket Support Assembly
  • Fluid Compartment Capacity: 30 1-liter bottles or 24 1-liter Bags
  • Blanket Compartment: 11.875 cubic feet
  • Net Weight: 362 lbs.
  • Electrical: 120 V.A.C. – 60Hz, 1 ph, 1.92 kW, 16.0 Amps

Available Options are Sold Separately and options must be specified at the time of order. 

  • Bracket Kit for Seismic Wall Mount (contact factory): OPM-0067-13
  • Built-in Trim Kit: 5013968
  • Combination Lock: 5008361
  • Leg Kit, 6″: 5017084
  • Lock for Door Handle: LK-22567
  • Right hinging is standard – Left hinging is available as a special order
  • The windowed door is standard – a solid door is available as a special order
  • WarmWatch® available as a special order