Blanket Warmers, Warming Cabinets & Solution Cabinets

  • Amsco/Steris Tabletop Blanket Warmer/Refurbished: QDJ-03

  • Amsco M70 Blanket Warmer / Warming Cabinet, Refurbished: M70WC-EL

  • Amsco/Steris QDJ Warming Cabinet: Refurbished

  • Blickman Warming Cabinet: 7921D

  • Blickman Solution/Blanket Warming Cabinet: 7921TG

  • Blickman Solution/Blanket Warming Cabinet: 7921TS

  • Blickman Solution/Blanket Warming Cabinet: 7924TG

  • Blickman Solution/Blanket Warming Cabinet: 7924TS

  • Pedigo Deluxe Warming Cabinet: P-2055

  • Pedigo Fluid & Blanket Warmer: P-2140

  • Pedigo Fluid & Blanket Warmer: P-2145

  • Pedigo Fluid & Blanket Warmer: P-2148

  • Blickman Built-In Warming Cabinet: SW30TG

  • Blickman Built-In Warming Cabinet: SW30TS

  • Enthermics Blanket Warming Cabinet: EC2060

  • Enthermics Combination Blanket/Fluid Warming Cabinet: EC1730BL

  • Blickman Solution/Blanket Warming Cabinet: 7922TG

  • Blickman Solution/Blanket Warming Cabinet: 7922TS

  • Blickman Warming Cabinet: 7925TG

  • Blickman Warming Cabinet: 7925TS

  • Blickman Solution Warming Cabinet: 7927TG

  • Blickman Solution Warming Cabinet: 7927TS

  • Enthermics 4-Blanket Warming Cabinet: DC150

  • Enthermics 6-Blanket Warming Cabinet: DC250

  • Enthermics 12-Blanket Warming Cabinet: DC350

  • Enthermics 18-Blanket Warming Cabinet: DC400

  • Enthermics 25-Blanket Warming Cabinet: DC750

  • Pedigo Blanket Warmer Mobile Cart: P-2010-CB

  • Pedigo Elite Series Warming Cabinet: P-2205

  • Pedigo Deluxe Combination Blanket & Fluid Warmer: P-2010

  • Pedigo Elite Series Warming Cabinet: P-2210

  • Pedigo Elite Series Blanket Warmer: P-2220

  • Blickman Mobile Stand for Table Top Warming Cabinet: 3026SS

Blanket and Solution Warming Cabinets

If you are looking for new or refurbished blanket warmers, warming cabinets, or solution warming cabinets for sale, we offer a variety of products to fit your needs.

We carry new and refurbished blanket warmers, from 2 door full-size units, to small tabletop units. We also have choices for full size units that just have one large door. Choose between stainless steel doors or see-through glass doors. You can also choose from recessed (in-wall) models or standard stand-alone cabinets with finished sides.

Many customers use their blanket warmers for solutions, as well. By using the top cabinet for fluids, you can regulate just that chamber and set the temperature to what is required of the fluids. The bottom compartment can then be independently regulated to a temperature more appropriate for blankets.

There are also units available that are specially designed for fluids, specifically fluid bags. These units have a a basket included that the bags can be stored in. Some even are designed so you can pull the baskets out, like a drawer, and retrieve the bags as needed.

Lastly, there are some warmers that can come on wheels. We also have options for carts that can hold the smaller tabletop warmers.

Choose from brands such as Steris/Amsco, Blickman, Pedigo, Skytron, Getinge, and more.

Browse our online catalog for product details pricing and more! Please call us for additional information or a quote! We hope you “warm” up to the idea of purchasing your next blanket warmer from Venture Medical!