AMVEX Oxygen Flowmeter with Ohmeda/Ohio Adapter: FM-15UO-OH

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AMVEX Oxygen Flowmeter with Ohmeda/Ohio Adapter: FM-15UO-OH. Amvex® offers a complete line of Flowmeters from Neonatal to Adult. Flowmeters are available in the Standard Thorpe style (available in Oxygen, Medical Air, Heliox, CO2, and N2O) and Dial Style (available in Oxygen and Medical Air). The Amvex Flowmeter is a User-Friendly Device.

Thorpe Style Amvex Flowmeter with Ohmeda/Ohio Adapter model number FM-15UO-OH (shown here), features: 0-15 LPM Oxygen Flowmeter, Color Coded Inner Tube and Labeling, No Strip “D” Shaped Knob, and is available in Oxygen, Medical Air, Heliox, C02, and N20. It also features: Back Pressure Compensated so Flow Accuracy is Not Affected by Restriction and Includes an Inlet Filter and Inlet Extension.

All Flowmeters Come with a Standard 1/8″ FNPT Connection, but may also be fitted with different adapters and accessories to customize your needs. MR conditional options are also available. The Amvex Thorpe Flowmeters are CE-marked and designed to meet all current CGA, HCA, ISO, and FDA requirements. Amvex Flowmeters are available in USA and ISO colors.  Products may appear slightly different than shown. See tabs for Configuration and more information.  Call for Pricing.

Note: Click the following link to easily view additional Flowmeters in Venture Medicals’ Complete Catalog of Oxygen Flowmeters.

  • Thorpe style
  • Color-coded inner tube and labeling
  • Easy to service
  • No strip “D” shape knob
  • Includes an inlet filter and inlet extension
  • Backpressure compensated so flow accuracy is not affected by restrictions

Note: Product may appear slightly different than shown

Amvex Flow Meter Brochure (click to view)

Available Options Sold Separately:

  • Also Available in 0-3 LPM and 0-8 LPM
  • Oxygen, Medical Air, Heliox and CO2, and N2O
  • MR Conditional Options are also available, call for more information.